• Lise Watier<br>Eye opening vegan<br>Mascara with black quinoa

Lise Watier
Eye opening vegan
Mascara with black quinoa

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Vegan mascara with fortifying and revitalizing properties, enriched with black quinoa, vitamin E, and minerals.

Formulated with over 80% naturally-derived ingredients, this mascara combines extreme length, high definition and intensely lifted lashes for an instantly voluminous fan effect.

Its unique brush with multi-length fibers combines with its creamy texture to deposit an even amount of product. It easily glides along each lash, from root to tip, for perfectly defined lashes from corner to corner.

97% saw a LENTHENING and CURLING effect*

97% saw ultimate DEFINITON*

93% saw a LONG-LASTING wear*

100% saw that is was EASY TO REMOVE*

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